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27 Easter Basket Ideas For Teen Girls

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Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

As our kids get older, they tend to let go of holiday traditions long before we are ready to admit. There will be times our kids aren’t as excited about the holidays as they used to be. But no matter how old my kids get they will always get an Easter basket and here’s why!

Long gone are the days waiting for the Easter Bunny to arrive and leave carrots out as a snack.

But as a mom, I do believe there is a secret part of our teens that wants to embrace the silly traditions and just go with it.

So I decided to lean into each holiday and keep all of the traditions going. Even if there are eye rolls and sighs, grunts and loads of complaints, each and every one of my teens will receive an Easter basket. I have to admit though, so far my girls have continued to embrace each and every one of our holiday traditions and it often comes with many moments of nostalgia. But I know this does not happen for everyone.

But for now, this Mama will continue to have colorful plastic grass all over the house, jelly beans stuck to the bottom of baskets that no one eats, Peeps quietly glancing at me with a side eye and too many peanut butter cups to count. A fun new tradition has also been added to the Easter baskets as my girls have grown up. I found that they love the addition of specialty items since they don’t always want to be overloaded with candy. So here’s to keeping traditions alive and finding the joy in Easter morning as our teen girls dig through their childhood baskets for some cool new gifts! I’m hopeful the following ideas will bring a smile to your teen daughter as they have for mine!

Easter gifts your teen daughter will love!

Stanley Water Bottle: 

Tree of Hearts Journal:

Gel Pens:

Real Techniques Makeup brush set

Funtin Hair Dryer

LUKACY 6 Pack Hair Clips:

Small Claw Clips

Spiral Hair Ties

No Bend Hair Clips

Revlon One Step Volumizer

Women’s Fuzzy Slippers

Smile Face Slippers

Sol De Janeiro Body Mist

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Perfume

Clinique Happy Perfume

Heart initial Necklace

Sunflower String Bracelet

JBL Waterproof/ Bluetooth Speaker

Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Burt’s Bees Easter Basket/ 5 body care products

OPI Nail Polish

Reusable Makeup Wipes

Mario Badescu Facial Cleanser

Scented Candle

Silk Pillow Case

Polaroid Camera

My hope is for your day to be filled with too much chocolate and as you come down from your sugar rush may you relish in the joy some of these gifts will bring to your teen.

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