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Stop, Listen, and Listen Some More

Published In: Teens
Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

I have to remind myself sometimes to stop, listen, and listen some more..

Even if I am in the midst of running around or making dinner, I have to ground my feet beneath me, be present and stop, listen, and listen some more.
My teen girls need me, plain and simple.
They need their mama.
They need a listening ear.
They need an open heart.
When I think I have listened enough, I need to dig deep and listen some more.
Listen to their words.
Listen also to the unspoken words.
Listen to the tiny puzzle pieces of their hearts, slowly emerging, hoping to fit into their puzzle of life.
They need my heart and mind to be fully engaged and present, not quickly cramming their words into my head to hopefully recall what they said later.
They need me, as their mama, even in the middle of my messy thoughts to stop.
Stop unloading the dishwasher.
Stop folding the laundry.
Stop texting with a friend.
These tasks can wait…
They need me to stop, listen, and listen some more.
But some days it feels like a milestone for me, especially if I’m bogged down with a million tasks to accomplish, but in all reality is it?
Isn’t this what I’m called to do as a mom?
Isn’t this what I dreamed of, as I snuck into their room late at night, gazing at them sleeping in their crib?
Wasn’t this my wish, that my girls would trust me with their hearts and deepest thoughts as they became teens?
But some days, it’s hard.
I need to quiet my mind, quiet my soul, and surround myself with their words as their voices draw me in.
I need to put my own needs aside so my girls can feel heard and validated.
Life is messy and I pray, each day, my girls will continue to pull up a chair at the kitchen island, grab a snack, and start talking a mile a minute.
So for all of the moments I stop, listen, and listen some more, may I continue to be blessed by their words and may my listening presence bless my girls beyond measure.
Stop, listen, and listen some more.




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