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Hang In There, Mama

encouragement & support for moms raising teens

Riding A Bike And The Balance Of Life

Published In: Teens
Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

Remember teaching your little one how to ride a bike and how to feel balanced? 

Lean too far left, you fall. 

Lean too far right, you fall. 

But center yourself perfectly and there it is…the sweet spot. 

As I watch from afar my daughter’s hair blowing in the humid air, as she pedals down the road, I can’t help but think it is similar to teaching her how to ride a bike, life too is a balancing act. 

It’s the art of balancing joy and despair. 

We face turmoil even after a beautiful sunrise.

We feel sadness even after laughter fills the room.

We feel lost even when we are on the right path.

We go through life trying to find the exact sense of balance to only be tipped over, the tiniest bit, and slowly crash to the ground.

Watching the ease and grace of my daughter pedal along, yet knowing she is not always balanced while navigating life, I realized we are all teetering on finding the sweet spot, yet often struggling…

the new mom who is sleep deprived while also potty training a toddler.

the teen who is caught between two worlds of friends but trying to remain strong because each one is important.

the tween who is utterly self conscious about the new awkward stage but attempting to remain confident.

the toddler who is struggling to put one foot in front of the other before toppling over.

the newborn who often seeks out only mama but yearns for other attachments.

So as I fall a bit to the left and a little to the right, and as I topple over and falter, all I can do is find the inner strength to seek out the balance and center myself. 

As far as the sweet spot, I’m gazing at it pedaling front in front of me.





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