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Moms Are Pulled In a Million Directions

Published In: Motherhood
Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

Do you ever have one of those days you are pulled in a million directions?  

Well, today was one of those days for me.

I  was prom dress shopping with one daughter, after picking another daughter up from an SAT, an hour away, while also watching two other daughters play volleyball, in two different tournaments on a live stream.

And if you are wondering where my husband was, he was at home scrubbing bathrooms and toilets while also watching the live stream!

Sometimes trying to be there for all of them at the same time is exhausting. But you know what, that’s okay by me.

Yes, there are days it’s just a one on one with my girl, just us, no interruptions and laser focus.

But then there are other days, I’m pulled in many directions for each of them and all I can do is try my best. 

That is truly all I can do. 

I try my best.

Wow! But some days are harder to manage and today was one of those days.

As I sat in the dressing room, I would watch the live streaming of the volleyball tournaments while she would change into another gorgeous gown. 

Put my glasses on, watch game.

Take my glasses off, look up, marvel at my beautiful daughter in another gown, chat about it, give it a score, curtain closed.

Once again, glasses on, watch game and repeat.

For a moment, I was stressed she felt I wasn’t all there.

As a bit of guilt started taking over I explained what I was doing and why.

My daughter didn’t flinch, she didn’t have a look of disappointment on her face ,and rather offered understanding and lots of grace.

I received a blessing today in the dressing room…


She offered me grace so I didn’t feel torn as a mama.

My daughter simply understood the need to be there for the other girls as well, even if it meant watching them on a live stream.

Because hey, that’s what mamas do right? 

We try our best to be a part of every moment for our children no matter how big or small. 

So at the end of the day, munching on burgers and fries after a few hours of shopping, my happy prom dress daughter and I continued to watch the live streaming together.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.





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