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Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

 Gosh, today is just one of those days…

So many thoughts perseverating around in my mind, a carousel of thoughts taking over every facet of my being.

Although, today is different. My thoughts simply keep spinning and spinning and I can’t get off the ride

These thoughts are filled with bright optimism as well as moments of weakness.

I need both though in order to truly live an authentic life of transparency and truth and not just a life filled with masks and perfections. 

I find in these moments, I quietly reflect and my stress always comes down to the same thing each time. The overwhelming schedule for a family of six.

I continuously ask myself,

How am I going to do it all? 

How are there enough hours within each day to get it all done? 

How will I make room and time for each person individually? 

 And you know what? I always come up with the same answer. 

There isn’t enough time and I have to simply do the very best I can. 

If the sheets aren’t washed from yesterday’s laundry, it’s okay. 

If I don’t get to respond to an email and it’s not pressing, it’s okay. 

If I don’t make the dinner I thought I would make, and rather create something on the fly or order in, it’s okay. 

If I need time to regroup myself after a long day and put a conversation on hold, well, that’s okay too. 

You see, friends, it is all okay. 

And what we can do is enough.

We are enough. 

So, as I lay in bed, thoughts racing through my fatigued mind, I have to repeat these words. 

What I did today was enough. 

I have to put a halt the negative phrases I  repeat over and over again at a radical rate, 

Did I… 

Should I have…

Why didn’t I….

I wish I…

And just stop. 

Stop the madness. 

Stop the overly second guessing. 

And just be blessed for what I did today.

I was the mom I needed to be at that moment. 

Friends, this is what our children need, at any age. A mom who at that moment is offering the very best she can at that time. 

Now remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. 

It never will be but we need to embrace the simple, the ordinary, the mundane and recognize sometimes life is just that.

Life is filled with simple moments and that is enough.

We are enough. 

We will always be enough whether it’s today, tonight, at 3 AM or all of our tomorrows. 

So hold onto this and trust that you are enough exactly as you are. 

P.S. You are doing a great job and you are a wonderful mom.





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