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encouragement & support for moms raising teens

I Wonder, Do My Teens Know Me?

Published In: Ali Flynn | mom
Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

Sometimes I wonder how much my teens know about me. I mean, I know I’m their mom and they know my favorite color and meal and simple things but do they truly know who I am as a woman, not just as mom.

So as I began to reflect on this, I asked myself what would I want them to know about me.

If my soul left this earth tomorrow…

Would you know my heart skips a beat when I see a beautiful hue of pink emerge, in the late spring, bringing about life to the hydrangeas surrounding my yard?

Would you know the salty ocean air embraces a deep part of me nothing else can touch? And as I gaze out at the horizon, watching pelicans gracefully soar along the top layer of the sea, I am both joyful and sad? 

Would you know the sea brings back old memories, yet soothes an ache in my heart bringing about happiness like a long lost friend? 

Would you know as my teeth bite down on a crisp, yet soft, rice krispi treat I’m filled with childhood enthusiasm?

Would you know my favorite genre is poetry? Walden, Frost, Giovanni and Angelou? Oh how my heart can get lost in their words.

Would you know arguments aren’t just that but rather a way to connect more, learn more and love more moving forward? 

Would you know how much I yearn to run? 

Run off weight, run off stress, run off regrets, run off frustration, run off thoughts I can’t share or thoughts I share too much, run off energy built up and seeping out of me? 

Would you know behind my often stoic face I’m a woman with a thousand emotions, filling up, about to burst, often about to cry, yet holding back? 

Would you know I hate rainbow sherbert? 

Would you know becoming a mother changed every cell in my body? 

Would you know my stomach speaks all of the words I suppress? 

Would you know I love music and listen to it while cooking, folding laundry and running? My soul has healed many times through words as they are the balm to my soul.

Would you know laughter simply makes my heart happy? 

Would you know I am fond of beautifully shaped eyebrows? I know, it’s weird.

Would you know how much I adore people who speak transparently and show their authentic self?

Would you know sitting in silence brings me peace and renewal?

Would you know my family means everything?

Would you know keeping women safe is close to my heart? Everyone should feel loved and be able to be who they are and not controlled.

Would you know I don’t like musicals? No one should just bust out in song. 

Would you know my soul was born to dance? 

Would you know I don’t take anything at a slow pace? I basically never stop moving.

Would you know my children and their wild spirit sets me free and inspires me to dream?

Would you know my old friends touch a part of my soul so very few are allowed to enter?

Would you know romance makes me giddy?

Would you know taking drives in the open air with the wind blowing through my hair makes me feel alive?

Would you know each night as I close my eyes I wonder how I can be better tomorrow?

Would you know a gentle walk fills my soul and allows a divine spirit to seep inside and open me up to new thoughts?

Would you know your laughter takes all my pain away?

Would you know how much I love my life? 

Would you know how much I love you?

I highly encourage you to take a few moments to reflect on what you would want your kids to know about you, maybe write it down or hold on to it and have your actions show them but take a moment to really think. 

I know one thing, there is a beautiful woman inside of you!




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  1. Lane

    I love this. Definitely has me thinking of who I really am and would they know.


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