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I Am More Than A Mom. I Am Me

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Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

I am more…

I am more than a food shopper, driver to all activities, and entertainer of all kinds.

I am more than a gourmet chef and sous chef, cleaner of dirty laundry, and bed maker.

I am more than a reminder for reminder to use the inhaler, listener at all times and hair braider.

I  am more than the dishwasher emptier, buyer of all school supplies, and clothing that is grown out of too fast.

I am more than hugs, snuggles and goodnight kisses.

I am more than a mom.

I am more.

I am me.

I am a lover of meandering dirt roads, quiet sunsets on the bay and sand covering my coral painted toes.

I  am more than a run in the hot air early in the morning, margaritas, the ocean breeze and laughter filling up my house while dancing.

I am more.

I am me.

I am a woman who loves browsing a small bookstore without a time limit, beautiful and unique stationery and iced tea.

A cozy blanket nestled under my chin, time with friends truly talking, hydrangeas and tulips, and the sun shining fill the depths of my soul with a profound joy.

I am more.

I am me.

I am comfortable in my quiet space, and happy in the company of others.

I’m a lover of listening to jazz music in a small bar, French cafes, taking photographs and holding my daughters’ hands.

A cup of tea in the early morning gazing out of the bedroom window, a kiss on my forehead from my husband, and a beautiful cheese platter causes my lips to part and a smile to take over.

I  am a lover of who I was as a little girl.

Always outside riding my bike or swimming, laughing with friends, sometimes snarky with a dash of sweetness, but always thinking of those less fortunate.

I  am a lover of hard work, loyalty and truthfulness but always wrapped up with grace.

Some days it’s hard to find the grace, but always trying my best. 

I am more…but sometimes it’s hard to find to stay close to what’s more when I’m encompassed by all of the other “stuff.”

I am more.

I  will always find time to stay closely connected to my passions, but for now, I am being called by a voice downstairs to be the driver.

Hey! Maybe being the driver isn’t so bad as I listen to my teens sharing silly stories, while listening to Zac Brown Band on the radio, with the windows down and my hair blowing in the wind. 

But don’t get me wrong, it is hard at times when I feel I have lost what I am more than… 

but then I hear their voices sharing with me their dreams and goals and deepest desires and I realize, raising my girls is my love.

Looking at them innocent and wild, growing up in front of me, making the same mistakes I have made or doing the opposite and teaching me, is my more.

I am more than my passion, 

I am their mom.. xo





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