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Dear Husband, I See the Small Ways You Love Me

Published In: Her View From Home
Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

To my husband:

So often you may feel lost while I go about my daily shuffle, but please know that I have not forgotten about you.

The way you want to hug me in the kitchen, in the middle of chopping onions, does not go unnoticed.

The way you reach for my hand as I walk past you,

on the way to empty the dishwasher, is not lost.

The way you ask if you can help with anything is always appreciated.

Sometimes you may feel a loss of connection while I’m going about the daily grind . . . but always store this close to your heart—

You inspire me in countless ways.

You inspire me to chase after my dreams.

You inspire me to take a deep breath before moving forward.

You inspire me by watching you never give up even through the toughest of times.

You inspire me with your kindness when there is so much hate in the world.

You inspire me to not read too much into things and to not be surprised by others.


You inspire me to be me, flaws and all.


But most of all, you inspire me to love more and more each day.

So on the days I’m rushing around like my usual self, and your mind begins to question your place, know in that moment, you are not lost on me . . .

I may have just not found a moment, in between the loads of laundry, to share with you my heart.

But please trust me when I say, you are not lost on me . . .

You are valued and cherished for the love you give to all of us daily.

Your silly dad jokes may make us roll our eyes, but know we don’t want a day to pass where we don’t hear something silly.


You are a steward of inner strength,

finding the good within everyone.



how you love me is a gift.


A gift that I am blessed to receive each day, even when I’m rushing past you to unload the dishwasher for the second time, ignoring you, but silently cherishing you and your love.




This article was originally published in ‘Her View From Home’


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