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Dear Daddy, Your Little Girl Still Needs You in Her Teen Years

Published In: Her View From Home
Author: Ali Flynn
Ali is the founder of Hang In There, Mama, offering encouragement and support for moms raising teens.

Dear Daddy,

From the first moment of breath, the very beginning, you have been her daddy.

Your scent, your touch, your voice means so much in this world. You, Daddy, are immeasurable. No one comes close to being you, for you are her world.

The one and only man in the house she looks up to. Her radiant eyes capture everything you do, deep in every fiber of her being, so say a quiet prayer and cherish this deep-rooted connection with your precious little girl.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.

Your baby girl snuggling into your neck, finding that “just right spot.” Well, that space of serenity will be with the two of your souls forever. You are the place she will continue to return to, for love and comfort, when the world gets to be too much.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.

The pudgy toddler holding onto your fingers with her tight grip as you guide her down the road, wobbling along, will always walk beside you. This will never waver. She holds on tight now, never letting go, even as time moves forward, knowing you will always catch her if she falls.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.

The boo-boo kisses, middle-of-the-night feedings, soothing her back to sleep while the rest of the house is quiet, bath time filled with bubbles, splashing and singing every song she knows, are just as beautiful to you as to your sweet baby girl.

She wants to show you her world, invite you in—take her up on it, Daddy, for it’s a world you surely don’t want to miss.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.

From soccer games running towards the wrong goal or scoring the winning point, to band concerts listening to “Hot Cross Buns,” golf lessons, skimming rocks, and ballet dance recitals, you are blessed.

Your sweet girl gazes out to the field or audience, looking for you, and only you—her daddy. She wants to show you who she is becoming, how she is growing, and show you that you are a part of her. This is her way of snuggling back into that spot of comfort, deep within your neck.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.

As the teen years approach, you may be tentative and wonder where your place fits in this hormonal girl world.

Well, your place is the same, don’t fret and never falter.

You are still her daddy, the one she looks to for guidance, reassurance, and love.

You may not completely understand where your little girl has gone and why an alien suddenly landed in your kitchen, but you are blessed to experience these moments of complete and often hysteria beside her.

The hormones and boys, laughter and tears, screams of joy and sobs of anguish, love and hate all wrapped up into one body is scary at times, Daddy, but hang in there—this time will pass and your little girl will come out of it as an amazing woman.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.You are learning more about women than ever before, without even knowing it.

Your sweet girl is teaching you invaluable lessons daily, lessons on love and life. Ideas that have never crossed your mind before are now emerging, opening you up to new thoughts.

Ironically, your baby girl may also be teaching you a thing or two about the love of your life, your soulmate and wife.

Your blessings are bountiful, Daddy.

Your sweet girl will forever snuggle into you, asking for advice and looking to you for a smile to get through the day.

You may encounter eye rolls, sighs that make you question where you went wrong, and snarky remarks, but don’t give up on her.

Remember this, Daddy, as you look at this young lady in front of you now, with her wings spread out wide and ready to soar, keep close to you that first breath, first moment of life, and take pause.

Pause and reflect on the love that only a daddy can give to his little girl, as you silently say to yourself, “My blessings are bountiful.”


Your sweet girl


This article was originally published in ‘Her View From Home’




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